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SKADI Series
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SKADI Series

▶ Unloading Bypass System (Patented)
Adjust compressor suction gas to reduce overload
and prevent high pressure at engine startup
▶ Fuel Savings
Minimize engine load for fuel efficiency by bypass system
▶ Condenser Coil & Condenser Fans
Fast cool down and maximum cooling capacity
Condenser DC fan cut-out depending on pressure
▶ Simple Control System
Simple and easy control for users
▶ Evaporator Blowers
Evaporator fan runs in order and reduces engine load
Maximum airflow up to 16m length
▶ Easier Accessibility
Simple structure for easier maintenance and after service



Road Standby Road Standby
30°C(86°F) Ambient
under ATP Standard
Return Air temp.   kcal/h watt kcal/h watt
0 watt 14,400 11,500 19,000 14,250
-20 watt 8,000 6,300 10,500 7,875
Airflow 5,500 5,800
Engine Model Yanmar 4TNV88
Displacement(㎤) cc 2190 / 4cylinders
Output kW 29.8
Compressor Model Bock FK x 40/470TK Bock FK x 40/560TK
Swept volume cc 466 / 4cylinders 554 / 4cylinders
Electric Standby Voltage / Phase / Hz 380-400V / 3Phase / 50Hz 380-400V / 3Phase / 50Hz
Output kW 12.75 (17HP)
Weight(including battery) Engine operation kg 839 844
Engine & ES operation kg 897 902
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm 2050 x 430 x 2150