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Welcome to Hwasung T&T website.

I would like to deliver my sincere gratitude to Hwasung T&T customers.

Hwasung T&T has been a leader in the international sales to the Transport Refrigeration Industry since 1994.
After becoming an independent corporation in 2009, we have successfully extended our presence to strong
market share in South America and India as Hwasung T&T India.

Hwasung T&T has a truly outstanding presence globally.Our global capabilities in this industry enable us to deliver trust and success to customers in more than 60 countries in the world.
We have successfully expanded the market shares for our dealers starting from South America, the Middle East and Asia.
The strength of Hwasung T&T is its people, who are committed to the basic philosophy of how we do business and the core values we practice.
We promise our preparation for the future to deliver a highly responsive service and high quality with reasonably priced products to our customers.
To all our customers who have stood by us at all times, I thank you for your confidence in us as it inspires us to reach greater achievements in bringing the best services to you.

Jung-Ja YOO
Chief Executive Officer